Measuring Effectiveness Branding Design Solution for Tree Top Resort
The logo was delivered in the different color palette, in transparent, and also with the clear spaces for any incorporation. Company statement: “When it is time to pause your frenetic pace and rediscover senses dulled by the incessant demands of life, there is a place called Tree Top Resort- offering something more than just breathtaking views above it all, in the top of the trees, with unsurpassed service and astonishing accommodation. Tree Top Resort offers you a place to restore yourself.
Stationary Design Solution
Book Design Branding Solution
The voice & tone to established the branding look and feel for Tree Top Resort.
The goal is to communicate quickly and clearly the message and test the effectiveness of the design choices by interpreting the perception of an audience. After determining the effectiveness of the design started applying the Tree Top Resort logo to the assets determined by the strategy and media mix developed in last month. 
Guided from the competitive research, narrative creation, and design element choices I created an appropriate and engaging logo package for the campaign. After sketched multiple ideas for the final logo mark and type showing unique design concepts, 5 final sketches was selected to be part of a survey at Surveymonkey to determine the most effective design choices.
Print Assets 
The voice & tone of this branding solution will be a key element to convey the theme & style; the wood, vegetation color tones, golden textures and nature patterns would convey the nature and would appeal the serious eco luxury clientele.
The media mix strategy and the new outlets proposals are based on a deep Swot Analysis and competitive review. The use of the print media outlet is Part of the Measuring Design Effectiveness solution, the fragrant candle, and the Garden Kit are idea as unique promotional items to support strategically the local economy & small businesses.
Magazine advertising campaign
Out of Home Advertising Campaign
(OOH) Out of Home Advertising Campaign. 
Part of the advertising campaign for Tree Top Resort was the out of home, using the 20%, of the total cost. For this it was designed billboards, and posters situated in different locations. Those were focus on deliver a message of fun, family adventure experience and reconnection. The designs include amazing powerful connection between the imagery and the heading “Reconnect Above it All” message.
The tactic for this in particular billboard is in front of business offices, as our target are Professional Family Men 
Tv Commercial- Broadcasting Media outlet. A mother reflexion 
Part of the vision of Tree Top Resort is to plant trees to support the future of the planet and to plant 1 million trees in 10 years. That was why I designed an “Easy Garden Starter Kit” as a togo gift, providing in that way a unique and personal gift to clients that will be remembered for generations to come giving the message of above it all.  A vibrant, beautiful tree benefits everyone and is perhaps the most fitting memorial of all. Planting a tree is an act of direct benefit to all above it all.
The package designed has a very personal value; it is designed in a very light weight, simple, elegant and also informative.  It comes with the color scheme of the branding inspiring live and it inspires energy, faith, devotion, reconnection, courage and carries forward the name of the resort in a living, vital way that grows grander with the years. The simple act of planting a tree is a gift of nearly immeasurable value.
Unique Promotional Item (UPI)  Product Design
The 30% left of the advertising campaign cost will be used for the print media outlet and for this was designed different promotional products, including the upi, Those designed products will be used and be part in the resort hats, mugs, pillows, towels, t-shirts, golf balls. The resort mission is to support local economy and small business; this is why some products have been designed and advertised as part of the brand, like wine and some personal bath/spa products. Part of the unique product is a fragrant candle, where all the ingredients are 100% naturals.
The bottle and package design are aligned into a luxury feeling with the vibrant colors of the branding. In the bottom of the box it comes a clear paper fading into the black bottom giving a chic impression with a true story clients message, it can be a kid story, or man, or woman story but all would be true stories of why the Tree Top Resort make an impact in their lives.
Billboard position strategy in big business cities.
Tree Top Resort Promotional Products Design to keep in customer mind.
Tree Top Resort Promotional Products Design to keep in customer mind.
Web Site and App -  Advertising Campaign
After have the ultimate distillation of the concept and it effectiveness design we started testing the different marketing methods. It was used a statistical information to determine the effectiveness of the branding and started creating the assets through the strategy and media mix.Tree Top Resort asset creation based on the immediately needs for the Resort. For Tree
Top Resort the immediately assets was the interactive media using the 30% of the advertising campaign cost, the website.
Mobile application with Web site responsive design

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