Radio Spot Commercial - Advertising Campaign for Product Industry - Skeeter Kicks
SkeeterKicks Transmedia Tactic Campaign
20 sec Radio Spot SCRIPT:
0:20 Seconds SkeeterKicks Radio Commercial.
Skeeter Close Sound and Voice at the end.
Transmedia storytelling, is the process of conveying messages, themes or story lines to a mass audience through the artful and well-planned use of multiple media platforms. It is both a technique and philosophy of communications and brand extension that enriches and broadens the lifecycle of creative content
Over the last 10 years, radio listeners have increasingly begun to tune in online – via podcasts, radio-on-demand and other digital distribution platforms. In the last couple of years, they have begun to interact with radio in theatres, cinemas and assorted make-shift gig venues, via mobile apps and social media platforms, and in the form of live performances, online videos, maps, tweets, blogs, forums, essays, photographs and interactive websites. Radio, like every other medium, is experimenting with ever more complex cross-media practices.
Good transmedia validates and celebrates the expression and participation of audience members.
The skeeterkicks Radio Spot Commercial focus in tell how comfortable the shoes are either for walking, dancing, or running, telling the story of a mother who is in Rio de Janeiro. The mother is ready to meet her daughter after a long day working, they will go together to Copacabana festival where they both are meeting, the mother is in high heels and she is very uncomfortable, after her daughter noticed she tells her mom how different it would be if she would be using skeeterkicks shoes. They are so excited to hear the samba music and noise.

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