Transmedia Tactic Campaign 20 sec TV Spot Commercial:
The main reason TV advertising is so effective is the size of the audience it reaches. Nearly every American household has a television set. Television’s impact can be utilized to compliment the other elements of your media mix. When TV is combined with other media as part of a comprehensive strategy recall rates can jump up immediately. Television allows consumers to see and hear a product in operation. It has greater sensory appeal than any other media. TV ads are effective because they reach consumers when they are most open to new ideas. That is to say, the average TV viewer is in a relaxed state of mind when watching. They are ready to be entertained and learn new things.
The skeeterkicks tv commercial focus in reach the feeling of freedom, to be yourself back again when you use skeeterkicks, telling the story of a is a Business woman experience after having a hard day as CEO, but is just after she start running, she start feeling the freedom back again.
STORY: This is a Business woman after having a hard day as CEO… then… she start saying: Sometimes life can be hard and stressful, but it is time to release it and get the control, feel the freedom, smile and be yourself again. then, she start running with her skeeterkicks and start running feeling the freedom into the woods. Then different scenes from running experiences appear to her memories, she start feeling the sun, the air, in different places, then Paris scenes comes kicking around the world. “now you can”

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