Pitch Video - Branding Proposition | English
Pitch Video - Brand Design Proposition | English
The Swot Analysis and the competitive review led us to find the unique selling proposition for the Tree Top Resort as the ONLY eco luxury, adventure wilderness getaway tree house. It is built in and among the top of the trees, inspiring people to live healthier and stronger.  The resort helps create a meaningful engagement between people and Mother Nature.
Research for this campaign is based on Kissimmee travel facts, along with economic, population, and education statistics for the area.  The goal is to convey the positive impact of the Tree Top Resort in the state of Florida.  The research supports the proposal for the following media mix:
The Interactive media using the 30% of the advertising campaign cost.
The Out of Home will be using the 20%
The Broadcast media  will be using the 20% and
The 30% left will be used for the print media outlet.
The look and feel of the campaign will be a key element to conveying the theme and style of the resort. Focusing on the traditional, stable and distinguished feeling of heritage, we propose that the heading typeface be Times New Roman.  The same font is suggested for the subheading and body content. The primary colors will be yellow and black, representing luxury. The secondary colors will be wood and vegetation color tones to convey the beauty of nature. Wood grains, golden textures, and nature patterns will appeal to the serious eco luxury clientele.  As part of the campaign it will also be important to use the right imagery.  The photography will focus on beautiful photos of the Tree Top house and the rooms, highlighting handcraft touches showing the exclusivity of to be Above it All.
Pitch Video - Diseño de marca | Español
Pitch Video - Diseño de marca | Español
La propuesta de los diferentes medios de comunicacion para la campana publicitaria de Tree Top Resort  esta basada en en el análisis, revisión e investigación de la economia poblacion y educacion en Kissimmee.
Para su impacto proponemos: 
El 30% del costo de la campaña publicitaria para los medios interactivos.
Los medios fuera de entorno usarian el 20%
La difusión de los medios de comunicación el 20%
Y el 30% seria usado para para la salida de los medios de impresion
Centrándose en el patrimonio tradicional, proponemos la tipografía Times New Roman para los encabezados, subtitulos y contenidos.Los colores primarios para dar el lujo serian enfocados en el Amarillo y negro, Los tonos de Madera y vegetacion serian secundarios para representar la esquisitez de la naturaleza junto a los granos de Madera y el brillo del oro mostrando asi patrones y textura.Las imagenes estarán enfocadas sobre las casas y sus finos detalles, dándoles el toque de la esclusividad de estar por encima de todo.

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