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The transmedia storytelling for skeeterKicks will immerse the consumer into a world of storytelling centered around skeeterKicks products and benefits. SkeeterKicks brand is about having an experience, transforming your lifestyle for ever, is about to become an adventurous, and open new goals in people live. Any product produced by SkeeterKicks will show and will bring good feelings. 
Logo Type & Mark Design - Branding Identity-Strategies & Motivation
Style Guide- Brand Handbook Design -Strategies & Motivation
Style Guide- Brand Handbook Design -Strategies & Motivation
Branding Design - Strategies & Motivation - Transmedia Campaign -  Design Integration
Design Strategies & Motivation
Transmedia Tactic Campaign
Radio Spot Commercial  Transmedia Tactic Campaign
Transmedia storytelling, is the process of conveying messages, themes or story lines to a mass audience through the artful and well-planned use of multiple media platforms. Good transmedia validates and celebrates the expression and participation of audience members. The skeeterkicks Radio Spot Commercial focus in tell how comfortable the shoes are either walking, dancing, or running, telling the story of a mother who is in Rio de Janeiro. 
TV Spot Commercial SkeeterKicks Transmedia Tactic Campaign
The main reason TV advertising is so effective is the size of the audience it reaches. The skeeterkicks tv commercial focus in reach the feeling of freedom, to be yourself back again when you use skeeterkicks, telling the story of a is a Business woman experience after having a hard day as CEO, but is just after she start running, she start feeling the freedom back again.
Guerrilla Marketing Tactic for the Trans-media Campaign
Tactic:  The guerilla marketing campaign will include 10 wellness celebrations. The events will be strategically located in high market geographic regions around the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, and Tokyo.The celebrations will be held 7:00 pm -8:00 pm on New Year’s Eve at in New York City’s Time Square, it will be a fun and exciting experience with entertainment and educational opportunities for all ages. A week prior to the event there will be advertisements utilizing billboards with messages stating “are you ready to be surprised from 7:00 pm -8:00 pm at Time Square on New Year’s Eve ?”
There will be local musicians performing, flash mob dances, healthy food trucks and fireworks at sunset. Additionally, there will be partnering healthcare providers in trailers offering informative health materials, blood pressure checks, and nutrition clinics. Also it will be a big container where people can go and drop their old runner’s shoes to later donate it to developing countries. But people won’t expect what will happen at 7:00pm. At 7:00pm all the lights in time square will shutdown, including all the electronic billboards. Then all billboard panels will change into skeeter-kicks products with flashing words saying “Now You Can". Then a hot air balloon will be ready to be launched and people will start to count… then an effect of a runner will be showing all around the globe until it disappears in the distance. 
During that hour there will be promotional sports socks, hats, water bottles with quotes and personalized t-shirts given away. There will be photo booths available for participants to take a picture. The pictures will be uploaded for instant screen printing on t-shirts. The personalized t-shirts will include one or more of the following hashtags; #nowyoucan, #nowwecan, and #togetherwecan. or taglinessaying: “I am getting ready to kick the world, here I come… Brazil” Additionally, photos of participants will be also tagged on social media with hashtags to build international interest. At 9:00pm everything will return to normal, just the way it was, as if nothing happened and it will appear to have been like a dream.


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