Style Guide- Brand Handbook Design -Strategies & Motivation
Style Guide or Brand Handbook is an easy guide to refer to when handing over the project. Style that help to emphasize the brand’s voice rather than dilute it. A Brand Style Guide is important for businesses of all sizes. No matter the size of a business, it’s important to be consistent in how the logo is used in any way imaginable. A consistent looking logo tells customers you care about details and isn’t that what customers want… a business that cares about the details. 
Brand Guide or Style Guide tells you what to do or what not to do – whether you are ordering stationery, typing a letter, creating a new marketing piece or designing a new reception area.  The guide also provides specifications to external resources you are using to create collateral. And most importantly, the guide helps guarantee your brand identity program will hold together over a long period of time. Everything a company does creates a perception of that company. 
Design Strategies & Motivation
Refining the concepts developed in previous courses with the objective of maximizing the impact and effect of their visual media communications. Combining research and develop a brand mark for a campaign project through the sketch process with professional visualizations of concepts and ideas. Focusing in the exploration of various design options and strategies with the understanding of how best to implement and apply it for success in the design industry.
Understanding of the concepts of signs and symbols in brand identity, based on Research color theory, typography, icons, motion, sound and Understanding how to translate directive words into symbols applying the principles of logo applications.
The transmedia storytelling for skeeterKicks will immerse the consumer into a world of storytelling centered around skeeterKicks products and benefits. SkeeterKicks brand is about having an experience, transforming your lifestyle for ever, is about to become an adventurous, and open new goals in people live.
Any product produced by SkeeterKicks will show and will bring good feelings.

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